Files and Cloud

Powerful private cloud software trusted by major corporations, with no licensing costs.

Collaboration and Sync

Work together on documents, sync files between all your computers, and more.

Share files and documents to anyone and access on any Internet-connected device, even out of the office.

Don't worry about storage quotas or limits, your data is controlled by you on a custom server managed by us.

Strong security and HIPAA compliant.

Lower costs compared to third-party services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

File and document sync and sharing
Edit and collaborate on documents and more without paying for Word
Sync your calendar across your devices
Get your files from anywhere and anything

Accounting and Project Management

Email invoices to customers in seconds, collect payments online, and send them directly to your bank account.

Track billable time and easily manage large projects. Import expenses from your bank account, generate reports, and more.

Accounting dashboard
Easily create invoices
Manage clients and customers
Create and send project proposals