Business Apps Integration

Netsyms Business Linux integrates with the Business Apps for a simpler, more secure experience.

Tired of remembering multiple passwords?

You can use your Business Apps password to log in to your Linux computer.  If you ever change your Apps password, it also changes on your computer.

Safely share computers

If a coworker needs to use a computer, they can use their Business Apps password to log in on any Linux computer connected to your company's Business Apps.  They won't see anyone else's files or data.

Secure against threats

If an employee must be let go, it's simple to prevent them from doing any digital damage.  Simply deactivate their Business Apps account using ManagePanel, and they will instantly be denied access from any connected Linux computers, as well as prevented from using the Business Apps.

Works Offline

With our Business Accelerator device, you'll be able to log in to your Linux machines even when you can't connect to the Business Apps.  The Business Accelerator also improves performance on slow Internet connections, and uses cutting-edge encrypted distributed mesh routing technology to securely connect to the Business Apps cloud server.

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