Plans and Pricing

See how affordable our products and services can be.

Onsite Services

Computer Support

Assistance with office computers and general issues.

Starting at $20 per problem

Network Setup

Build a business-grade network with a firewall and secure WiFi

Starting at $200

File Server

Parts and labor for installing a file server, including desktop and mobile apps, contacts, calendar, live document collaboration, and more.

Starting at $200


Ensure your data is safe if the worst happens. We'll configure your file server to automatically copy changed files to the cloud after you go home for the day.


Business Apps and Support Packages

These numbers are ballpark estimates. You'll get an actual quote after we evaluate your business for various factors that could make our job easier or harder.


You're a one-person shop. You are the business, and you're getting tired of using a notebook or spreadsheet for organizing everything, but you don't want to spend lots of money.

Users 1
Tech Support Remote
Price $20/month


You've got a few employees, and you want to better coordinate and communicate with them when they're out on a job.  You want to be flexible, and might even hire a new person soon.

Users 5
Tech Support Remote
Price $50/month


You have a handful of employees, and need to be able to track their time and communicate effectively.  Your customers depend on you, and you don't want to be without a working computer system.

Users 10
Tech Support Onsite + Remote Assistance
Managed IT 10 computers
Price $100/month + As-needed IT ($20/hr)


You're still a small business, but you're one of the bigger ones. You need to easily manage employees, and any down time means losing money. You have office computers and other tech to worry about too.

Users 20
Tech Support Onsite + Remote Assistance
Managed IT 20 computers
Price $175/month + As-needed IT ($20/hr)